Karla M. Hull

I am very familiar with the inspirational side of university life, as well as the opportunities for deadly chaos. Grievance collectors are a common denominator  in many of the tragedies that occur on college campuses.

I am a mystery writer, professor, mother, and avid consumer of mysteries in books and film. I spent over 30 years working with students and faculty in a variety of university settings, and continue to be deeply inspired by the passionate, dedicated students and faculty that I have the privilege of knowing.  I am horrified every time a college campus is in the news because of a scandal or tragedy. After being an administrator at a university that experienced the murder of a young student, I vowed to write a complex mystery series that revealed some of the shadier sides of university life. My characters operate in a university setting, but they have the universal qualities of greed, anger, jealousy, revenge, and love.



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