Grievance collectors indulge in a daily diet of painful memories focused on every rude remark, unkind behavior, and unfair decision in their lives.  When the pain becomes intolerable, deadly revenge may be the perfect antidote.

Each book in the Grievance Collectors Series will explore dangerous and deadly events that mirror newspaper and television headlines. Issues such as sexual harassment, racial intolerance, social media bullying, and emotionally disturbed faculty and students will be woven into fast-paced, complex plots that will keep you guessing.




Every university has its dark secrets.  Murders, an active shooter, and sexual predators create a tangled web of danger on the Harrison University campus.  Dr. Bridget O’Leary becomes the Provost while still tormented by the recent murder of her husband, and soon learns that she can’t simply think her way out of the problems encountered at the university. She will need to add a gun to her administrative toolbox as she works with a university police officer, a city police detective, and a troubled student to solve the mystery of three unexplained deaths on campus.

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A series of sadistic murders transformed Harrison University’s quiet southern charm into a house of horrors. The killer is sending anonymous notes to Dr. Bridget O’Leary hinting that the Dead Day tradition at Harrison University will become a memorial for murdered students and faculty, rather than a day set aside to prepare for final exams. The frantic search for this psychotic killer leads Bridget on a terrifying professional and personal journey. Dead Day is the second book in my  Grievance Collectors Series.