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The Grievance Collectors mystery series explores several unique characters who become deadly grievance collectors. What motivates them? How do they develop from thinking, to acting out in revenge?

We all know people who hold grudges and repeatedly replay insults in their minds; individuals who obsess on perceived or real grievances.


The FBI calls these people “injustice collectors.” Look who is on the list!  As you can see, some grievance collectors become serial killers, and it is happening frequently enough to warrant a new FBI profile category for serial killers.

Universities are places where people think and reflect, unfortunately not all of the thinking is positive. Grievance Collectors can live anywhere but universities may provide a perfect home for them.



3 thoughts on “People who can’t let it go: Grievance Collectors

  1. The campus security is a misnomer and needs to be updated with the times. Most are campus police or university police. If I were going to do a series I would get the terminology right.


    1. Thanks for the comment Gary. I view that picture a little differently. I chose it because the picture says Campus Security, an issue many universities are concerned about, and the crime scene tape made me think of the fact that many campus settings are not safe or secure. It was a symbol of the ideas in my series. I assure you that I use the correct terminology in the book, when I am talking about the people who protect our campuses.


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