Dead Day

  Final Examinations trigger high anxiety and stress.  Over the years, college students have created rituals to relieve this end-of-semester stress. Dead Day is the time between the end of classes and the beginning of Final Exams. Most university campuses are "dead" during this time, to create a quiet, contemplative atmosphere conducive for final exam … Continue reading Dead Day

Monkey Business

DEAD DAY is the second book in the Grievance Collectors Mystery Series. I started writing this book in 2016. I don't believe in coincidence, so when I realized that 2016 was the year of the monkey, I knew exactly what I had to do. A few years before, a monkey  appeared on the university campus … Continue reading Monkey Business

People who can’t let it go: Grievance Collectors

The Grievance Collectors mystery series explores several unique characters who become deadly grievance collectors. What motivates them? How do they develop from thinking, to acting out in revenge? We all know people who hold grudges and repeatedly replay insults in their minds; individuals who obsess on perceived or real grievances. The FBI calls these people … Continue reading People who can’t let it go: Grievance Collectors

To be or not to be online: Views of a new author

  I am a bit schizophrenic concerning the virtue of being online as an author. I just completed my first mystery novel; created and published electronically, resulting in a print and kindle version. This experience was vastly different from two other books I published over fifteen years ago using traditional publishers. This is what I have learned. … Continue reading To be or not to be online: Views of a new author