The first leg of my book tour for Dead Day begins in Hollywood!  My husband and I are avid movie viewers and when we saw the theme for Turner Classic Movies 2018 film festival was “Powerful Words: The Page Onscreen”, we knew we had to attend!  Not only will we have an opportunity to view some great films, we will also attend discussions led by screenwriters for the films, as well as directors and actors involved in some of the films.

When I write, the narrative plays like a movie in my head. Sometimes I use background music (often soundtracks from films) to inspire my writing. At times, it feels like the music combined with the words I am writing come together in ways that make the movie in my head even more powerful.

In short, I love stories. I love seeing them on the screen, I love reading them, and I love writing them. In fact, the third book in the Grievance Collectors Series is coming along nicely.

I will share pictures and stories about the festival and the book launch in the next few weeks. It will be great fun to be around so many creative people, and who knows…maybe one of them will be a screenwriter looking for a new project!!!

I’m curious, how many of you use music as a tool to inspire your creativity? What else do you do to kick-start your creative efforts?  Food, film, other????

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